Questions and answers

Who can attend the Summer school?
The target group are boys and girls from age 8-12. Of course, this is flexible, so older children are also allowed to attend it, especially if they are family or friends who want to come together. It is intended for our immigrant children worldwide, as well as for children from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The application is possible for all interested boys and girls that want to spend one summer week with their peers from different cities and countries, to make contacts and, God willing, lifetime friendships.
What way will the Summer school students be evaluated?
There are no grades in Summer school „In the land of Queen Katarina“! We only want to evaluate children’s satisfaction and smiles on their faces. That will be our feedback and guideline for further work.We hope that our students will evaluate us as a high quality and fun school and join us next year as well.
Where does the Summer school takes place?
It will be held on different locations in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In our opinion, children will learn the most from their experience, so we chose two main locations-Međugorje and Nature park Blidinje, organising half day and whole day field trips from those places, from Neum to Jajce. First part of the week we will stay in Međugorje and visit Herzegovinian places. Second part of the week we will stay in Blidinje and visit northern parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We want our students to spend as much time as possible in nature, doing different sport activities and games. Travelling through Bosnia and Herzegovina, we want to offer them traditional meals among the standard kitchen. Children mostly live in urban centers and rarely have opportunities to see domestic animals. That is why we organised visiting a farm, so they can see animal breeding and preparing traditional meals, the way our grandmothers did.
Do the children in Summer school need allowance?
In Summer school „In the land of the Queen Katarina they will have everything they need, so there is no additional costs. They can only decide if they want to buy a souvenir for the family and friends. It is an individual choice.
What do the children need to bring to Summer School?
We suggest the following:
-comfortable clothes
-Long sleeve T-shirt/sweatshirrt
-everything else is an individual choice
Can the parents be informed about their child?
Our team will be available for informing the parents every day. We will send a daily photograph on their e-mails-the report on spending their day and the time of calling their children the next day, if they want to do so.
What to do if a child gets sick?
During their stay in Summer school, Children will have 24 hours health care supervision by professional staff, so if needed, they will be given necessary protection.
If the child doesn’t speak Croatian, is it possible to apply?
All immigrant children are welcome to the Summer school „In the land of Queen Katarina“, regardles of their language knowledge. English and German professors are cooperating with our team. The Summer School goal is to provide them with learning basic communication in Croatian.
Can a Japanese speaking child apply, if he only speaks a little Croation?
Summer School team will provide quality and professional communication with every student.
Are brothers and sisters the only ones considered to be the members of the same family?
We consider brothers and sisters, as well as relatives, to be the members of the same family.